Fender Limited Edition '65 Princeton Reverb Reissue "Fudge Brownie"

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There's not much that come close to a Princeton. The '65 Reissues absolutely crush it every time when it comes to bringing the classic pint-size/big tones of this legendary combo. This Limited Edition FSR is the "fudge brownie" version with that eye catching brown tolex and wheat grill. The ice cream scoop on top o' this fudge brownie is it is super clean and includes the original manual and footswitch. 

This delectable amp cranks out 15-watts of classic Fender tone through the stock Jenson 10". Enough for the bedroom, the studio, or miked up on the stage. It has a nature sounding, dynamic clean, but gets into some chewy, rich overdrive when cranked. 

This bad boy is a great find and hard to come by. This one is lightly used and ready for whatever you throw at it: pedals in front or just straight in. Don't matter. Grab it for your new rig and we'll ship it out swiftly and safely.