Fender Chris Shiflett Artist Series Signature Telecaster Deluxe

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Chris Shiflett has his feet firmly planted in two worlds, with impeccable punk/hard rock credentials as longtime guitarist in the Foo Fighters and with an authentic love for country, as heard in Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants. His abiding love for the Telecaster guitar and for huge humbucking sound comes together in one kickass instrument with his name. It's finished in gorgeous shoreline gold. It is lightly used and there's hardly any playwear at all. 

The badass luthiers at EMS have given this puppy a full fret dress and setup. These frets are level, the action is right in the sweet spot, and the tone is perfection.

It is ready to ship out the next day, in better playing condition than when it left the factory, with the original hard shell case.