Fender American Professional Jazzmaster Sunburst 2017 USA

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Indie rock kids, rejoice! This is a ripping guitar takes the classic Jazzmaster to a whole 'nother level. Made in the US of A, this American Professional JM is crafted from alder with a C profile maple neck and rosewood fingerboard (9.5"). In our professional opinion: it plays fucking amazing. 

But this one has been given the royal treatment. The stock vibrato mechanism has been replaced with a Mastery vibrato, that provides the smoothest, most stable tremolo action you're gonna find. Along with this an anodized gold guard and brushed locking tuners round out the aesthetics of this sick guitar.

The electronics have received probably the most (and coolest) modifications. The rhythm circuit has been completely done away with. In it's place, the slider switch on the upper bout has been converted into an in-phase/out-of-phase switch to get those thinner spankier tones. The rollers on the upper bout have been changed to a bass cut and a treble cut to give you extra control beyond what the Tone control gives you.  Finally the toggle near the output jack is a series/parallel switch. There aren't many tones this Jazzmaster can't do. 

And yes, the question you've been waiting to ask: it has been signed by the Robben Ford. 

As if all this wasn't enough, the badass luthiers here at EMS have given this rock machine a full set up and insured that it is in top working order and ships with level frets. It is ready for stage or studio the moment you receive it. It ships out the next day in its hardshell case.