Fender Princeton NR 1964-1965

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An unmatched classic. Sure, there are plenty of vintage Princetons out there to be had. But not many are as clean and gig ready as this non-reverb beauty from the mid-60s. The non-reverb Princetons have a cleaner, higher headroom than it's Reverb-ified brethren. Some people go as far as to call it the "Lil' Twin." All I know is it sounds amazing and paired with the AlNiCo Gold it has the headroom we want in a pint sized package. 

This one is unique in that it came into being on the cusp of 1965. Pre-CBS, it was built in early '65, but with lots of '64 parts. It still has the original output transformer from the 45th week of 1964 (606-4-45) while the chassis number (A 02559) is stamped as the 59th build of 1965. It's loaded up with a pair of old stock GE 6V6's in the power section. And a "Fender Electric" panel. So there's no lacking vintage mojo. 

It's had some maintenance along the way, necessary repairs to keep it stage and studio ready. The original power transformer has been replaced with a Marvel Electronics (Classic Tone). This amp has a monster of a speaker: Celestion G10 AlNico Gold (a $200 value) which sounds so warm, big, and tight. The original Utah speaker is included, but you're gonna love the Celestion more. Trust me. Finally, it's a had the filter caps replaced and it is ready for whatever you throw at it. 

In the short time we've had this amp, we've already fallen in love. Warm, tight headroom that sounds nice and articulate, and *bonus* it loves pedals!  Outwardly it shows only minor signs of its age and use. Just a beautiful piece of history. Grab it for your rig and we'll ship it out safely and securely along with the included original speaker. 

Feel free to give us a shout here with any additional questions. Someone is going to be stoked about this amp.