Fjord Fuzz Odin

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Odin, the wanderer, is the one-eyed King of Åsgard, the mightiest and wisest god of all.

Interestingly he seems to have been an immigrant from somewhere close to Turkey and his archetype can be found in many indo-european mythologies. ODIN takes one of the best octave-up fuzz circuit designs of all time, strips away all the fluff and over-engineering and leaves you with a simple, yet powerful device. Turn it on and you are greeted by a wonderful, saggy, yet open and carefully compressed fuzztone, not too dissimilar from the old smiley-faced fuzz boxes we’ve all tried to love. This one however is louder, more mids-forward, less compressed and just a joy to work with.

Click ODIN into octave mode with the secondary foot switch and you now have one of the best octave up fuzzes on the market roaring from your speakers. It’s really loud and it’s tuned to let your guitar jump out of any mix without getting pointy and harsh.

The two fuzzes are entirely discrete designs within the box, making switching between them a seamless experience, not usually something you’ll find with this type of circuit. Making the two channels independent also made it possible to choose components to specifically suit each side.

This unique fuzz is lightly used and works great! It ships the next day!