Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Interface

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A powerful, versatile audio interface from Focusrite, the Saffire Pro 40 is at the top of their Firewire-based Saffire range and features extensive input and output options with loads of flexibility. Two front facing combination inputs capable of operating as mic preamps or Hi-Z instrument inputs, six additional mic or line inputs, and eight line outputs with an additional two dedicated monitor outputs cover the analog I/O. Digital connectivity is on tap as well, with both stereo SPIDF and ADAT optical in and out.

Dedicated MIDI in and out, Wordclock sync, and front panel LED-based input level monitoring round out the more professional touches, while dual headphone outs and powerful DSP mixing software create flexible monitoring options for producers and artists in any session. From bedroom hip hop creation to tracking a full band, the Saffire Pro 40 can tackle any recording task you can throw at it.

This brilliant pro interface is lightly used and ships the next day.