Foxrox Octron 3

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The Foxrox Octron is a modern classic. The input signal can be mixed with 3 octaves: 1 octave lower, 2 octaves lower and 1 octave higher than the input signal. All octaves can be infinitely mixed with the direct signal. The pedal works completely analog - the deep octaves are generated synthetically, the high octave is generated by a ring modulator circuit. Like all analog octavers, the octron works best with single notes. But Chords can be fun too! Chords make the pedal chaotic, with jumping pitches.

With the high octave you can reproduce the typical Octave Fuzz Sounds in the vein of Jimi Hendrix; the deep octaves deliver the typical, grumpy analog octaver sound. 

This unique octaver is lightly used with only light signs of love. It ships the next day with the original box.