Gibson ES-335 Pro 1979 Sunburst

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This little 1979 Sunburst baby is giving us all the vibes. The success of the the early model 335's gave Gibson enough motivation to start getting creative.

In hopes to have the 335 more inclusive to all styles of music, they pitched this, the ES-335 Pro.

The ES-335 Pro was very similar to it's semi-hollow relatives with only a couple things being changed. The biggest being the pickups. Higher output "T-Tops" were installed and left bare with no covers. And boy to they sound goooooood

Nerdy specs section -

Neck Thickness 1st -.780 12th - .980

12" radius with the nut width at 1 21/32.

This guitar is in really good condition considering it's age. It had a refret and a new bone nut cut at some point in it's past, but we can't be for certain how long ago.

The work is exceptional and our in house luthier have assured that this guitar will ship with level frets and zero playability issues whatsoever.

We'll have it shipped in it's original hardshell case super fast, ready to plug and play!