Gibson Explorer GA-18T Combo Amp 1960

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Fourteen Watts of vintage tweed tone. At the end of the day isn't that we all want?The GA-18T Explorer is a perfectly voiced, chewy-toned, tremolo-laden work of art. It's a shame how these classic amps fly under the radar. It's powered by a pair of 6V6's that crank all of that tweed tone. It's simple controls of Volume and Tone let you dial in the two sides of this amp's personality: it has chimey sweet cleans/edge-of-breakup tones, but can get dirty and rowdy when pushed. Like with other Tweeds, your guitar's volume knob is your best friend with this amp. The pulsing-to-choppy tremolo is a spaghetti western inspired dream.

The original speaker has been replaced with this sweet sounding WGS G10C/S. It's got a complement of JJ Tubes to top it off. 

Our techs have gone through this amp to insure that everything is tight, clean, and working great. It is ready for stage or studio. On the outside she's see a lotta actions and wears battle scars proudly. It works great, sounds incredible. It will ship out swiftly and safely upon payment. Feel free to contact us here at the shop with any questions.