Glou Glou Rendez-Vous Multi-Modulation Phaser and Filter

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Say what you will about the French, there are a few things that no one can do it quite like them. Pastries, revolutions, making cigarettes look cool, and huge weird modulation pedals.

The Rendez-vous is a full-option, all-analog 6 stage phaser/vibrato and 12 db/oct multimode filter running in parallel, with a pile of modulation controls: Envelope filter, envelope phaser, auto-filter, classic phaser, pseudo ring-mod. Each effect can be modulated by one of 3 available methods: LFO, Envelope & External CV.

A modulation gate allows for use of audio rate LFO without hearing the carrier when note playing, allowing pseudo-ring mod.

This rare oddball pedal is very lightly used and it sounds absolutely incredible. We'll ship it to you lightning fast along with its included power supply. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!