Hovercraft Falcon 100 Head and 6x12 Cab

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Standing at 4.5 feet, this Hovercraft is a hulk of an amp armed to the teeth with tone. 

This thing is truly a Swiss army knife of high gain amplification prowess. But given its size maybe "knife" isn't the most accurate metaphor. Ever heard of a Swiss Army Sword? Well this is it. Whether you're looking for sludge and doom, razor sharp metal distortion, or even just a super high-headroom pedal platform, this amp nails it.

Regardless of the tone you dial in on this beast, you're gonna be pushing some serious air. Bring your earplugs!

This bad boy features two channels with 3-way FAC and voice shape toggle switches, as well as rear controls for Depth and Vintage/Modern voicings. All pushed through that absolutely massive cabinet loaded with SIX 12" WGS Invader speakers.

This monstrosity has been very lightly used, and it is super clean (except when it isn't)!

Shipping? That's gone be a no for me, dawg. If you are thirsty for this big badass amp, you're gonna have to make the road trip to Nashville to see us! Come on through! 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!