JAM Octaurus Ltd

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The Octaurus ltd is the latest entry in JAM's Custom Shop's line of limited pedals.

Inspired by the octafuzz tones from the golden era of guitar music, the Octaurus ltd is not looking to emulate but rather build on this rich lineage while claiming its place as one of the finest examples of the genre out there. Identifying JAM's favourite behavioural attributes scattered across many different legendary octafuzzes of the past, our mission was to find a way to bring them all together in a single standalone device.

It is a tour de force of vintage sound and feel.

The intricate turret-based point-to-point construction is designed around a batch of early 60s NOS silicon transistors either made by Transitron or General Instrument or both, similar to 2N335/336, complementing the Octaurus ltd's unique tonal character.

In the style of previous Custom Shop limited edition pedals, the Octaurus ltd comes embossed in fine olive drab suede, and features a see-through bottom plate also wrapped in suede with the addition of a zip, to provide safe and easy visual access to the beautifully laid out board inside. 
This sick fuzz ships fast and free 'cause that's how we be! If you have any questions about this pedal give us a shout here at the shop.