JAM Pedals Ctrl Box

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The CTRL BOX is JAM'S official offering for remote preset selection and remote tap tempo / HOLD engagement for the Delay Llama XTREME! As always, handmade and hand-painted at our worksop in Athens, Greece!

To remotely engage presets via the CTRL BOX:

  1. Connect a stereo-to-stereo patch cable from the PS output jack on the CTRL BOX to the PS input jack on your Delay Llama XTREME
  2. Press the numbered footswitch corresponding to the preset you wish to engage

To remotely tap your preferred tempo in via the CTRL BOX

  1. Connect a mono-to-mono patch cable from the TAP output jack on the CTRL BOX to the TAP input jack on the Delay Llama XTREME
  2. A prolonged press will engage the HOLD function