Jext Telez Dizzy Tone V1 (Pedal Board Version)

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The Jext Telez Dizzy Tone gives a nod to a fuzz monolith while establishing a sound all its own. Conceived as a spiritual heir to the Elka Dizzy Tone, a more aggressive variation on the famous Tonebender, this recreation features controls of attack, sustain, and balance. With this version, Jext Telez took all of their DT knowledge and put it into a pedal board friendly enclosure. Original ripping raw formula-- the version 1 like most original Elka Dizzy Tones -- NOS trio of two COSEM SFT352 and one COSEM SFT308 transistors.

This thing has a crushing tone with wide range, can go from gated when low on attack and volume rolled off to full onslaught!

This classic pedal is super clean and ready to ship the next day.