Jext Telez Uni-Drive

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The Univox Uni-Drive is perhaps one of the great, white whales of pedal-dom, that is until Jext Telez set about putting everyone's Ahab-like quest to rest. After actually acquiring some genuine Univox pedals, Jext Telez determined to recreate the exact tone in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly, true bypass design. The arduous task ultimately produced the Uni-Drive, arguably the most accurate clone to date. Full, punchy low-end, but turn it up and enter, as Jext Telez puts it, "gnarl-land," or a heavenly plane where saturation gives way to enlightening, third-eye-opening overdrive, where communication is a textural, kinetic experience, where God is in everything, and Hendrix and Page number as your peers. 

This pedal is shows signs of love, but functions flawlessly and will ship safely and swiftly in its original box!