JHS Pedals Emperor Chorus / Vibrato v2

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All-analog Chorus from JHS!

The second version of JHS's Emperor packs the warm, vibrant modulation of its popular predecessor into a smaller footprint. Create shimmering chorus and warbling vibrato effects while using the tap tempo footswitch to dial in the perfect modulation speed. Gigging guitarists dig the flexibility of the Emperor V2 — switchable true bypass/buffered switching and mono/stereo outputs make this pedal easy to integrate into any guitar rig. When your music calls for the undeniably smooth, liquid sound of analog chorus and vibrato, look to the Emperor V2.

Experience analog modulation at its best

The Emperor V2 is built around the topology of a coveted Japanese-made blue-and-gray chorus pedal from the '80s. This sought-after pedal was renowned for its tasteful, smooth chorusing at slower settings and its killer vibrato and Leslie-like pseudo-rotary effects at faster settings. The Emperor V2 employs a real 3207 bucket brigade chipset to achieve its tones, supplying you with a host of true-to-life vintage modulation effects. Discover what the guitarists at Sweetwater have known since test-driving this pedal: the Emperor V2 is analog modulation at its best!

JHS Emperor V2 Features:

  • Packs the warm, vibrant modulation of its predecessor into a smaller footprint
  • Perfect anywhere in your signal chain thanks to switchable buffered/true bypass operation
  • Tap Tempo footswitch for easy manipulation of modulation speed
  • Employs the classic 3207 bucket brigade chipset for iconic, vibrant chorus tone
  • Choose from 3 different waveform shapes for 3 distinct effects
  • Expression pedal input for modulation speed, for rotary-speaker-style ramp-up and slow-down