JHS Pedals Pink Panther V1

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The original JHS pink panther delay is a legend in analog delay pedals. When this pedal came out the only other major analog delay with tap tempo was the diamond memory lane. This pedal has an effects loop (located on either side of the power supply) for effecting the repeats in your delay. The switch on the left hand side selects between including the effects loop and bypassing it. The foot switch on the left is the pedal bypass (on/off) switch and on the right is the tap tempo. The three knobs are (L-R) Repeats, Mix, and Delay time. When the tap tempo is activated (by pressing the tap tempo button more than once), the delay time knob becomes a delay type selector, from 1/8th note triplets, 1/8th notes, dotted 1/8ths, and 1/4 notes (clockwise from left). 

The tone of this pedal is warm and rich, and it adds a nice texture to your guitar sound. The effects loop and tap tempo give you greater tonal control with huge possibilities. Legend has it that only 100 of these were ever made and the only reason this pedal stopped production was that the chip set was discontinued. 

This beauty is super clean and functions like a dream! Grab this unique delay and we'll ship it out swiftly and safely the next day.