KingTone miniFuzz Si

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The miniFUZZ Si has been years in the making and is especially designed for silicon transistors. The miniFUZZ has a plethora of controls inside and out, which allow you to dial in authentic vintage silicon tones and much more! Go from massive, sustaining “Violin” type tones, to gritty, feirce true-vintage fuzz sounds. Go from almost broken sounding “Bender” type tones, to modern glitching, out-of-control big riff sounds.

-Carefully Selected Silicon BC183 Transistors
-3 Way Tone Toggle Switch. Fat/Full, Zonk and Vintage
-Internal DIP switch for DC power filtering when using a 9V DC plug. (helps make the DC sound more like a battery)
-Internal DIP switch Vintage/Boost. In the boost setting the output of the pedal lifted to allow a stronger boost in volume
-The Bias Control Knob, Lets You Go From Violin Sustain, To Vintage, Hendrix’esque Mayhem
-3x LEDs to clearly show when the pedal is active
-Hand Wired
-True Bypass
-Fat Fat, did I say ‘Fat’ Tone!
-Runs on Standard 9 Volt Battery or 9v DC Jack (standard center negative)
-Bias Adjust Control
-Fuzz Control. Custom made fuzz control lets you go smoothly between, almost clean to full-on fuzz
-Low bias settings will allow from modern or “bender” type tones
-Small Enclosure Size
-Long battery life even when left plugged in
-Beautiful Inside And Out
-PCB Designed For Shortest Signal Path Even In Bypass
-Built To Last A Lifetime

Lightly used and ships super fast with the box!!