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The Obscure Italian Overdrive is a faithful but updated reproduction of the Jen Harmon Booster, which was literally an obscure Italian overdrive built in the 1970's and briefly imported in the US under the Gretsch Playboy moniker.

Utilizing a unique 7 transistor topography, this proto-overdrive provides a very natural sounding breakup and integrates nicely into a variety of setups both vintage and modern. Updates to the circuit include reverse polarity protection, power filtering, modern transistors, and a toggle switch to bypass the circuit's tone stack which results in increased output and mids.

Power supply:

The Obscure Italian Overdrive is only powered by a CENTER NEGATIVE boss style jack at 9 volts. please do not use this pedal with a daisy chain setup.

Kogoy strongly recommends a high quality isolated power supply for all of my pedals, and generally speaking they do wonders for any rig.


Vol: right for more loud, left for less loud

Tone: right for bright, left for dark

Gain: right for more dirt, left for less dirt

Tone bypass switch: toggle to the left to bypass the tone stack. This increases output and mids. Please note the tone knob is disengaged when this switch is activated.

The new look takes its inspiration from classic amplifier faceplates and the triumphal arches of the Roman Empire.

Peering out from under the arch, Emperor Claudius invites you to plug in! "Et tu, my dude?!"