Kogoy Musical Devices Rainbow Sound

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The Rainbowsound is. a recreation of a somewhat well-lknown (but underutilized in the modern era) boost/overdrive/fuzz originally released in Egland in the late 1960's. The original was popularly used by several extreme heavy hitters of the era, one of whom is referenced with the enclosure design. The fascination with this circuit stems from its versatility, achieved with a relatively simple circuit topography. It performs very well as a clean boost and tone sweetener, with a powerful 2 band EQ, but also has its own application as a conventional (and extremely loud) fuzz pedal. Original versions of this pedal had three knobs only, with what is labeled here as "gain" acting as a volume control. The "master" volume was a later addition and certainly allows the pedal to be used in a broader range of applications. To approximate the original pedal at its "quietest" setting, turn the gain all the way down and the volume knob all the way up: even there it is well above unity.

In addition to the expected modern electrical amenities, this circuit is an opportunity to showcase a variety of modern and vintage components. Each array is selected and meticulously tested to achieve maximum sweetness.

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