Kogoy Musical Devices Ratchet Face

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This is YOUR Ratchet Face. Thank you for welcoming this silicon fuzz into your life.

The Ratchet Face is only powered by a CENTER NEGATIVE boss style jack at 9 volts. Please do not use this pedal with a daisy chain setup or you will undoubtedly get an unpleasant squeal or siren sound, especially if there are digital pedals in the chain. We strongly recommend a high quality isolated power supply for all of my pedals and generally speaking they do wonders for any rig.

Please do not plug random AC adaptors into the Ratchet Face.

You may open it up and admire the inner workings but please do not touch the circuit cage inside

*Do not taunt the Ratchet Face*


PWN: right for more loud, left for less loud

SC: right for more dirt, left for less dirt