Korg PSS-60 Super Section

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Retro and cool as hell.

The Korg PSS-60 Programmable Super Section is a badass old drum machine released in the 80's. It was intended for use by songwriters and home recording for song sketching and accompaniment. It offers 3 available sections with drums, bass and chord accompaniment

Ready to jam. Input your chords and select a style and start jamming. The PSS60 has 70 preset patterns and 50 user patterns as well as 10 songs. One song can hold up to 9,703 notes. Patterns can be arranged using the pattern arrangement function. An on board Mic/Line input allows for connecting a microphone or line level instrument for further expansion possibilities.

This sweet little box was was the next step of innovation for the OG Korg "Groovebox" with much requested, integrated MIDI capabilities.

This specific unit is in excellent condition and will ship lightning fast with a couple of the original Pattern sheets, to help ya get a quick start!

LoFi jams are awaiting you....