Kramer USA Baretta 2006

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Shred junkies, hair metallers, thrash riffers... this one is for you. 

After Kramer went bankrupt in the early 90's, the big wigs at Gibson purchased the company and started production on some sweet American made reissues of their most popular 80's models starting in 2005. 

This guitar is all business, no fluff. Just a bridge pickup and a volume knob. Add in that Floyd Rose and throw it in front of a 5150 and you've got all you need to melt some faces.

The maple slim C-profile neck is fast as hell, tapering from a thickness of 0.740" at the 1st fret up to 0.885" at the 12th, complemented with a 12" radius rosewood fretboard. And the electronics are all stock in this bad boy.

This guitar is lightly used, and in great playing condition! It has the usual wear and tear that you would expect, some buckle rash, some surface swirling, and a couple scratches and dings. All purely cosmetic, nothing that affects the playability of the instrument.

Like all guitars here at EMS, it has received a fresh setup by our expert luthiers to ensure that it lands in your hands with easy low action, spot-on intonation, and level frets. We'll ship it to you super fast and super safe in its included gig bag.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!