Lexicon Vortex Audio Morphing Processor

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The unique Vortex is  a stereo "audio morphing" effects processor. Vortex effects are organized into sixteen pairs of presets. Each consist of multiple modulation and delay functions, and each has its own distinctive sonic signature. Some are based on combinations of classic effects, such as echo, rotary speaker, autopan, and chorus, while others defy verbal description. You can store up to 32 of your own programs, or you can choose to use Lexicon's 32 preset channels, or you can use both. This is where the morphing comes in. 

Morphing is a complete parametric and algorithmic restructuring of two independent effects, rather than a simple crossfade and you can morph between any two effects you have created.

As one channel crossfades into the next the ensuing sounds are amazing. If programmed just right, or controlled manually with an expression pedal, morphing can simultaneously enhance rhythmic and sonic textures. An added plus, as if there weren't enough already, is the tap tempo. Vortex has two independent delay loops that you can program to create all sorts of polyrhythms. The end result can range from the swirly to the chaotic, depending on what you are going for. 

This unique rack piece will definitely have you creating all sorts of new soundscapes. It is lightly used and ships the next day with the power supply!