Lichtlaerm Audio Aesahaettr Modern Metal Boost / Studio EQ

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“A subtle knife. Also known as Æsahættr. This knife could cut not just flesh but spirit. It could slice through Worlds.”

Aesahaettr (God Destroyer) is the name of a knife capable to cut through the very fabric of time and space in Phillip Pullmans epic novel “His Dark materials”.

Like its namesake, the Aesahaettr is made to help your tone cut through any mix by boosting the signal and allowing for reduction of all frequencies that muddy up the sound: delivering up to 35dB of clean boost to push any amp into overdrive and a parametric low-cut up until 1500Hz that allows to dial in any taste of boost from thick, saturated or even blown up sounds over classic treble boost sounds up into modern metal territory and far beyond.

This thing works great with down-tuned and extended range guitars and allows for the modern sounds everyones crazy about right now without being another TC-Integrated derivate. For ultimate flexibility we added an active 4-band EQ that’s capable of up to 16dB cut or boost on each band: 40-100hz, 400hz, 1000hz and 4000-1000hz.

Holey Sheet. Time to shred.


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • up to 35dB clean-boost

  • low-cut with adjustable frequency up to 1500hz

  • footswitchable 4-band EQ