Lichtlaerm Audio Altar Doom / Sludge Fuzz

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Bring your sacrifices unto the Altar!

This dual pedal consisting of a mosfet boost and a high-gain fuzz/distortion circuit delivers lots of low end, sustain and punch. Loosely based on the classic Black Russian Big Muff it's the perfect weapon for everything from Gilmour-ish sounds to sludgy Doom and Stoner riff-goodness! A perfectly voiced active 3-band EQ and a depth pot to vary it's character from tight, distortion-esque sounds to a full on sludgy fuzz give you ultimate control over your sound: from classic scooped Muff-sounds to mid-heavy, fuzzy distortion that will cut through every mix.

For the recent iteration we also added a charge pump that increases headroom and loudness of the Altar to unprecedented levels and the “DOOM”-switch: an internal slide-switch that pushes all the gainstages into beast mode! Also new is a blend-pot which blends a clean signal with the Altars heavy distortion making it the perfect weapon for bass-players!

The independently footswitchable boost circuit (switchable between full-range, mid and treble boost) adds overtones to your sound, drives your amp that extra bit more or pushes the dirt-section to new levels: never ending walls of droning fuzz, square wave sounds with a hint of glitchy octave: The possibilities are limitless - just take your time to dial it in try out different combinations of both sections!


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • "Depth" alters the input saturation, compression and fuzziness of the sound

  • 2 band active EQ with fixed mid band

  • “Boost” to control the output of the first section

  • “Gain” & “Volume explain themselves, right?

  • 9V center-negative power supply (13mA) (runs on 27V internally)