Lichtlaerm Audio Aquaria Legendary Overdrive

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The Aquaria Lichtlaerm Audio's homage to what is possibly the most sought after Overdrive in the world! With a few dozen tricks up it's sleeve....

While they wanted to give you all the sounds of the original we of course didn’t stop there: Lichtlaerm added a three-way clipping switch to tailor the saturation and compression to your liking: choose between smooth sounding germanium diodes, a modern modern take with a combination of schottky diodes and a smoothing capacitor or silicon diodes that give you more headroom but also a harsher almost distortionesque sound!

While the horseman-ancestor of the Aquaria gets it’s signature sound from mixing more clean signal as you increase gain we decided to split this function into two separate controls that allow you to use it as a perfect clean-boost, raunchy distortion or as the classic transparent drive we think of when seeing a hybrid creature on a pedal's artwork. They also kept the principle of the original tone control but improved the response drastically.

In addition to these tweaks, Lichtlaerm added a footswitchable 4-band EQ with perfectly chosen bands and a second master volume that we called “boost”: dial in Aquaria to have the ideal frequency spectrum for your situation, use it as a two-channel device or simply as an EQ: limitless possibilities!

Aquaria feels equally at home in front of a clean channels as well as a drive to push your amp really over the edge! Last but not least they added a small internal switch that lets you choose between the infamous Klon-bypass buffer and true bypass operation!


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • transparent overdrive, clean-boost and EQ pedal

  • germanium, schottky or silicon clipping

  • clean & saturated gain controls

  • 4-band EQ with up to 16dB cut/boost per band, non-interactive, constant-Q

  • low noise, high headroom (27V internally created)

  • bass: 40-100hz, low mid: 400hz, high mid: 800hz, treble: 4000-10000hz

  • up to 6dB full range boost via volume control