Lichtlaerm Audio Gehenna Metal Distortion / Preamp

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Let the fires burn as a signal!

The Gehenna is a take on a highly flexible metal distortion:
from classic NWOBHM to early 2000s Core-music, from raw Black and Death Metal to super tight and modern Djent - it’s all in there!

Featuring proprietary cut-control that allows you to dial in different gain structures, saturation types and adjust the frequency response to the tuning of your guitar: from super tight and controlled to roaring and huge vintage sounds!

The Gehenna boasts one of the most expansive yet easy to use EQ-sections you’ll find in any pedal: An active dual-band mids control allows for tailoring of both high- and low-mids separately while active treble and bass controls and a set of passive presence & depth controls really set this thing apart from other distortion/preamp pedals and allow for immense tone-sculpting capabilities.

The mix of passive and active controls give you sounds that range from classic amp-like distortion to filthy sounding tones you never heard before!

Instead of adding a separate boost in front of the distortion section, they added a second, footswitchable gain-control that let’s you switch between two levels of gain inside the insane spectrum that the Gehenna offers: the on-state of Gain I is indicated through the blue LED.

Another unique feature is the level control itself: while a lot of solid-state based devices tend to sound harsh and fizzy when you increase the volume, the Gehenna has a unique active output stage that hold the sound together by attenuating harsh frequencies while bringing out the musical mids at high level settings: very much like a tube-amp.

The Gehenna was designed to be used as a distortion pedal in front of a clean amp but also lends itself for use as a preamp due to it’s immense output level and flexible EQ - you may want to use extreme settings especially on the presence & treble controls for this.


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • tight, amp-like tone with lots of sustain

  • 4-band active EQ + presence & depth

  • huge range of gain and output volume

  • proprietary cut-control & output stage design

  • footswitchable gain-controls

  • increased headroom through internal charge pump

  • 9V center-negative power supply