Lichtlaerm Audio + Cult FX Total Distortion Worship

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The Total Distortion Worship is a collaboration between Cult FX & Lichtlaerm Audio and the result of an obsessive tone chasing journey in search of the ultimate Extreme Metal distortion.

It features:

1) A completely unique Distortion Circuit

The TDW forges a nasty, yet versatile distortion with a highly distinctive character. Whether you're playing crushing Doom, vicious Black Metal or anything in between - the TDW will deliver!

2) Adjustable Treble to Full Range Boost

The integrated boost is foot-switchable and gives you a fully adjustable range, from ultra aggressive bite to towering walls of sound.

3) Active 5 Band EQ

Our fader EQ offers +/- 12dB range per band for extensive tone shaping. Place it after the distortion circuit for maximum impact.

4) Cut Knob for Tightness Control

A Lichtlaerm Audio staple is the cut knob, which gives you full control over the structure and tightness of your distortion. Blend to taste from massive sludgy drone, all the way to razor sharp attack with unmatched string separation, down to the lowest of tunings.

5) Studio Grade Noise Gate

The integrated noise gate delivers the same studio grade performance as the legendary Lichtlaerm The Key and the Gate. It is fully adjustable to work in perfect symbiosis with any level of sonic terror you create with the TDW.

6) Made in Germany

The TDW is made to extremely high quality standards by Lichtlaerm Audio in Berlin, Germany.

7) Launch-exclusive Design

The dark chromium enclosure and sinister artwork are exclusive to the first edition of this pedal. We're closing the books on this version in mid February.

What really takes the Total Distortion Worship well beyond the scope of other distortion pedals, is the interplay between its features:

The sheer countless combinations and fine-tuning capabilities between the boost, EQ and cut knob, present a mighty arsenal when it comes to winning the war on tone: The TDW is easily capable of replacing half of your pedalboard without sacrificing any functionality, so you don't want to be on the frontlines without it!

This pedal ships for free 'cause that's how we be! If you have any questions give us a call here at the shop.