Lichtlaerm Audio Transcendence Granular Reverb

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At it’s heart the Transcendence is a lush ambient reverb capable of creating cave-like ambiences, huge washes of shoegazey reverb as well as subtle and tasteful room emulations. What really sets it apart from other reverbs is the possibility to blend three different otherworldly modulations into the reverb that you won’t find in any other pedal:

-Nova - adds a shimmery octave-up effect to the tails while reducing the bit-depth which can create effects ranging from lofi shimmer reverbs all the way to fully distorted bit crushed goodness

-s/h - makes use of a sample&hold controlled step sequenced filter adding random bleeps and bloops into your reverb while always retaining the lush reverb wash underneath: imagine a group of stoned robots singing along to your melodies underwater or the sound of resonating crystals in a stalagtite cave!

-Collapse - this one tears your reverb apart with the help of an aliases, ring-modulation and a subtle octave down effect which are added in random chunks into your reverb: a real otherworldly experience


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • effect-control to blend in modulation into the reverb

  • rate controls the modulation-speed/sample-rate

  • decay adjusts the length of the reverb tails (infinite is possible)

  • level can work as a boost or master volume

  • mix control adjusts the wet/dry-mix 0-100%

  • dampen applies an analog low-pass filter to the wet signal

  • assignable ramp-switch (rate or decay for freeze effects)

  • switchable spill-over

  • fx-loop for the wet-signal