Lil Dawg Amps 5F4 SuperDawg

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The SuperDawg is based on the narrow panel 5F4 Tweed Super circuit and offers a little hotter circuit for those needing a bit more out of the amp. Across the control panel you get Normal & Bright channels with high & low inputs on each, separate volume controls, as well as shared bass, treble, and presence controls.

The tube compliment on this beast is  1 JJ 5U4GB, 2 EHX 6L6GC, 1 Fender 12AX7, 1 GE 12AX7, and 1 Marshall 12AX7. 

This is a tweed tone beast that can hang whether you're getting cleaned up tones or rippin' some tube saturation! 

Beautifully constructed and amazing handwired, this is yo' dawg!! It can handle an 8 ohm or 16 ohm cab.

Best part is it comes in just under 20 lbs. Not too shabby!

This lightly used boutique amp works great and is physically super clean! Grab it for your rig and it'll ship swiftly and safely the next day!