Magnatone MP-5 Estey Head and RS-12 Cabinet

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Well, this is a first! We have heard of these but never had the pleasure of plugging one in until now. This Magnatone MP-5 stack sounds killer. Built in the mid to late 60's these amps were kind of Magnatone's answer to the Bandmaster / Bassman type amps of the era.
It's a two channel 6CA7/EL34 based monster with killer on board tremolo and reverb. Solid state rectifier gives it a bit of a "stiff" response that gives instant gratification when you're digging in to get that tube grit. Paired with the RS-12 2x12 cabinet, you've got a killer amp that can gig any stage in the world.
This one shows a bit of wear as it should being from the 60's, but still rips hard and will surely make it's new owner happy!
We don't wanna ship this 2-piece big baby, but if you just can't stand it let us know and we'll see what we can work out.