Magnatone MP-5 Estey Head and RS-12 Cabinet

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Well, this is a first! We have heard of these but never had the pleasure of plugging one in until now. This Magnatone MP-5 stack sounds killer and is kind of Magnatone's answer to the Bandmaster / Bassman type amps of the era.
Here is a lowdown with some specs:
Years late 1965-1967
Series Pro Series
Channels two
Power 2x 6AC7/EL34
Power Bias fixed bias
Preamp 2x 7025
Phase Inverter 12DW7
Reverb 12AU7 and transformer
Tremolo NE-2H bulb, 12DW7, 1869-D bulb.
Speaker RS12 2x 12"
Rectifier solid state
Output Trans 5.5K:8/4ohm
Output 38 watts