Magnatone Troubadour 112 1955

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Holy mother of pearl! 68 years later and this Maggie is still just as Magnificent as the day it was birthed from the sea.

Hailing from the early days of Magna Electronics, the Troubadour was introduced as a competitor for the Fender Deluxe. Boasting 18 watts of muscle and zero percent body fat, it's a perfectly portable yet powerful companion with enough headroom for small stages and studio use, and some super sweet breakup on the top end.

This one has obviously been loved and used, but shows very little wear and tear. It has been re-capped at some point in its life, and our amp tech here at EMS has replaced the old two-prong AC cord with a safer 3-prong cord. Other than those two changes, this thing is all original, from the transformers to the Jensen P12Q 12" speaker!

It has been recently gone over and inspected and had all its pots and jacks cleaned, to ensure that it arrives in your hands with a clean bill of health, ready to rock for years to come! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!