Magnatone Twilighter 1x12 Combo

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What a freakin' amp. The Twilighter has all that and then some. Sure to make any tone junky a happy camper. Here's the deets from the manufacturer...

The Twilighter picks up were the classic American combo amps of the past left off. With a pair of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier, the Twilighter offers 22 watts of clean, robust tone in a 12” speaker combo that is light yet durable. Add the tube driven reverb, tremolo, and varistor true pitch shifting vibrato and you have a new American classic that is sure to please!


    (4) 12AX7, 12AU7, (2) 6V6, GZ34
    High and Low Sensitivity
    22 Watts Push-Pull Class AB into 8 Ohms
    14 dB range at 2 kHz
  • BASS:
    12 dB range at 60 Hz
    Tube Driven 4 Counterwound Springs Long Pan
    True Pitch Shifting Stereo Varistor Vibrato Switchable to Conventional Tremolo
    Magnatone Custom 12” Ceramic Magnet OPTIONAL Celestion Gold Alnico
    40 lbs

The pro techs here at EMS have gone through this amp and given it a new reverb tank and a clean bill of health. It's ready for stage or studio upon arrival. This baby is lightly used, and will ship the next day with the original matching slip cover!