Make Noise Rosie

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The Rosie music synthesizer module is an output interfacing module with the added functionalities of FX Loop, Crossfader and Auto-Cue system.

It is designed to facilitate live performance on the modular synthesizer by allowing the artist to preview and modify portions of a patch using the Auto-CUE system, while the audience is listening to a different portion of the patch as selected by the crossfader. Additionally it allows for Stereo processing of all sounds via the FX Loop.

The Rosie is suitable for headphone monitoring of the modular system and interfacing the modular system to a recording environment. Internal Level Matching and Limiting w/ overload indication makes it easy to connect the modular system in the studio or on stage.

This great lil unit is lightly used and ready for your rig! It ships the next day for free along with the original box. 

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