Mantic Conceptual Flex Pro

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Woooweeee! We looooove the Flex 'round here at EMS. PLL goodness at it's finest.

Glitched out pitch-mod growls with cerebrum piercing sqwuelches, angry-duck-funk quack, and gargling stutters are all just at the surface of the Flex's sonic potential. With an added Mix control, Filter range selector, and variable speed LFO for tracking modulation, the Mantic Flex Pro shreds expectations like a phone book.

Initially released in 2014, the Mantic Flex lead the charge in the recent upsurge of PLL popularity and continues to set itself apart from other PLL's in that it is an original design and not a Schumann derivative. The Flex Pro is voiced and biased to offer what we found to be the most readily usable range of PLL sounds in a broad musical context, without compromising the users ability to experiment.

Notable users include Nick Reinhardt, Adrian Belew, Jack White, Justin Meldal-Johnson, Simon Francis, Claudio Sanchez, and Ikey Owens

As of 2016, the Flex Pro now comes with an expression jack to control the rate of the LFO.

"Get Flexed!"

- 9VDC center-negative polarity. 35mA draw