Mario Martin Honcho 2019 Avocado Mist

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We love this guitar! 

The Honcho is a hybrid guitar of Mario’s own design. This proprietary model utilizes the best of both the “S” and “T” styles, making a hybrid guitar that is comfortable, but also vintage-familiar. Mario considers this model to truly be the “Swiss Army Knife” of guitar tone! 

The C neck profile with 9.5" radius is very comfortable to play, and has a feel that most players will certainly get along with. The neck is extra smooth with just a hint of satin finish. And if that doesn't beat all--it's Roasted Maple, which really ties the whole vibe of this guitar together, if I may say so. The neck measures .856" at the first fret and .935" at the twelfth, with a 1.88" nut width and weighs a barely-there 6.5 pounds.

Crafted from a swamp ash body this lightweight champ is loaded up with a set of Porter single coils that give ya the classic Strat tone with some extra ball (N: 6.06k, M:6.36k, B: 6.81k). Now let's talk about this finish, the relic work is SOLID and this avocado mist color is stunning. Really can't be appreciated truly without seeing it in person. DANG DUDE, somebody get this!

The pickguard has a crack in it by the bottom screw from where a previous owner apparently tightened that screw a bit too hard, but we've secured the crack to make sure you don't have to worry about losing that little chunk of pickguard. Aside from the pickguard crack, this bad boy just has some light signs of playwear that blends right in with the relic job. This thing is just sweet.

Like all guitars we sell at Eastside, this baby just got off the bench and has received a clean bill of health and full setup. We'll get it out swiftly and safely in its hardshell road runner case! If you have any questions about this guitar, or any of our gear, give us a call here at the shop!