Marshall JCM900 1960B Straight 4x12 Cab

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You know it. You love it. We've all seen it. We've all desired it. Hell, we've probably all owned one at some point. 

The straight 1960B cab that has been the punchy, raucous outlet for many an amp head. The highs are chimey, the mids give you all the clarity you need in your tone, and the lows hit just right. It's loaded up with the original quad of Celestion G12T-75.

This guy has seen some action. He has some battle scars. But he ain't skeered. It functions and sounds amazing and it's ready for your rig. 

This ol' boy is gonna be alot to ship. But we will if that's what'll make your rock n' roll dreams come true. Grab it for your rig and we'l ship lightning fast. 

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