Marshall JCM 2000 DL 100 Silver Edition 2005

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Always a treat to see one of these rare amps in the wild! The coveted JCM 2000 Silver Edition. Only 200 were ever produced. The grey tolex + wheat grille is just about the coolest damn thing you've ever seen. It is 100% stock and so clean, it's almost untouched.

But let's talk about tone...and gain. Lots of gain...

This head provides all the extra gain you'll ever need. It features the Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels, both with 2 modes that can take you from warm, clean tube tones to the souped-up threshold of sonic danger. A Deep switch adds a resonant bass boost for a meatier bottom end and a Tone Shift scoops out the mid frequencies making it ideal for heavy metal tones. Reverb controls for each channel let you adjust the 'verb where you need it. Rear panel features include the usual speaker outputs, effects loop, and 2 footswitch jacks for changing channels and switching reverb in and out (footswitch not included). One hundred watts of power pumped through 4 ECC83 preamp tubes and 4 EL34 power amp tubes. Perfection. 

The matching 1960A cab produces loud, well focused, and uncluttered sound with a tight, full low end and a crisp, bright top, 4- or 16-ohm mono, or 8-ohm stereo operation. 

Check these specs:

    Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels, each with 2 modes
    Deep switch adds a resonant bass boost
    Tone Shift scoops the mids
    Reverb controls for each channel
    Single footswitch jack for changing channels
    4 ECC83 pre-amp tubes
    4 EL34 power amp tubes

This limited edition Marshall sounds incredible, is in near mint condition, and (clean or distorted) sounds like a classic Marshall should. We don't relish the thought of shipping it, but will if we hafta!