Marshall JCM 800 Mk. 2 Master Model 100 Watt Lead 1983

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You know that sound you hear in your head when think of rock n' roll?

This is it! 

The amp that defined 80s and 90s rock n' roll. There's something magical in the JCM 800, well aside from the quad of EL34s...

This 1983 Model 2203 is a freakin' firebreather.

100 watts with a Master Volume allows you cover all the bases from the chimey cleans to the classic growl that gave this beast it's legendary status.

This amp just got a clean bill of health from our extremely talented techs and is ready to make it's new owner very happy and their new neighbors very annoyed (read;envious).

It's got your typical wear and tear that you would expect from an amp thats almost 40 years old. But it's what's on the inside that counts, and we got that covered for you. This is the vertical input baby you are looking for.

We can have it packed and ready to go pretty quick, but you better hurry there's a few of us here at the shop that want to take it home. Like, seriously if it's here on Saturday I'm probably taking it home.