Marshall Master Model 2204 50w Mk2 Lead 1979

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A treasure trove of pure old school Marshall tone! Get your AC/DC licks ready...

Some rock tone aficionados tout this as one of the best Marshall amps ever made and it's becoming more and more rare. It defined 70s and 80s rock tone. Loaded up with a pair of EL34s, it has a thick, crunchy midrange and enough sustain to make a single note last into eternity. Chords and power chords just jump outta this thing. This amp has seen some actions in its 40+ years and it hasn't stopped yet. Across the front you get controls for Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Preamp. This one has seen a thing or two and has a checkered past full of intrigue. It has some surprises under the hood. Read on to get into the nerdy shit.

Ready for some nerdy stuff? Get your pocket protectors ready. This one is not stock but the maintenance and upgrades that've been done are for the better!  Rectifier diodes, Bias caps, screen and power supply resistors have all been swapped using quality components. First and second gain stage plate resistors have been replaced, lowering the noise floor on this amp giving it a much quieter operation (studio dudes will love that). Coupling caps have been swapped with Panasonics which are probably better the original, if we're being real. The preamp circuit has been modified for more balance between the High and Low outputs and has made the overall tone less bright. Also both inputs have been tied together into the first gain stage of the High Channel. Finally the speaker output impedance switch has been swapped to a mil-spec grade two-way toggle for 8 and 16 ohm only.  *End Nerd Talk*

This coveted amp has the coveted tone and you just don't see them come along very often. This one has seen clubs, stages, and studios of all types and has the battle scars to prove it. It wears those scars proudly on the outside but inside it's a tight & tidy mean machine. 

The techs here at EMS have gone through to check and double-check everything on this amp to make sure she has a clean bill of health and arrives to you ready for stage or studio. We will ship this sweet vintage amp out to you upon payment fully insured and safely packed.