Marshall JTM60 2x12 Combo w/road case

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Stack-sized shred shrunk down small.

Say that 10 times fast. Or don't, and just plug in and let the rig do the talkin'.

Marshall had, what we think was, a great idea in the mid-90s by offering some of their classic circuits in a smaller, more transport-friendly package. This JTM60 is one of our favorites of that era. 

British made, and ahead of it's time with cab sim XLR out and dual FX loops (series, parallel) in the back. Loaded with 2 Celestion made Marshall Heritage 12" speakers, 2 channels with their own 3-band EQ this amp can do it all.

Not only is it capable of what you need it to do, but holy crap look how clean it is. This baby lived in a studio and was hardly taken out of it's included roadcase. We're talking museum quality clean. 

We'll ship it safe and secure with the road case and included footswitch promptly upon purchase!