Marshall 1960B Vintage Straight 4x12 Cabinet

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You know it. You love it. We've all seen it. We've all heard it. We've all desired it. Hell, we've probably all owned one at some point. 

This is the straight 1960B cab that has been the punchy, raucous outlet for many an amp head. The highs are chimey, the mids give you all the clarity you need in your tone, and the lows hit just right. This particular cab belonged to (and is autographed by) Steve Stevens of Billy Idol fame. So that's some mojo.

This one has been loaded up with a sick complement of speakers: Jensen C12-75NH's in the top left and lower right; Celestion V30's in the top right and lower left. The impedance toggle has been disengaged and this cab is just straight up 8 ohms now.  

This guy has seen some action. He has some bumps and dings. But he ain't skeered. It functions and sounds amazing and it's ready for your rig.