Martin D-15M 2002

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Martin. You know it. You love it. You know it's gonna have a great sound. This '02 D-15 carries the torch. 

Crafted from mahogany with a nice satin finish, this guitar features a great feeling, comfy playing C profile neck (.800"-.900"). The rosewood board has a nice 16" radius and the nut measures in at 1 11/16". 

Overall it has a deep, warm tone with a sparkly top end that doesn't sound too bright or thin. And it plays great all over the neck.

It is not without its bumps and dings (see pics). But nothing that stands out as excessive nor do they affect the tone or playablity. 

The pro techs here at EMS have put a little work into this gal as well. They have reglued the bridge (which was pulling up ever so slightly) and they have repaired a crack in the bottom side of the guitar (see pics). Both repairs turned out really clean, because our techs are the gotdang best! They've also given it a full fret level and setup. In short, this guitar looks, plays and sounds great. Better than the day it rolled off the line, I'd bet. 

This guitar is ready for stage or studio and will ship the next day in the included chipboard case. 

If you have any questions about this guitar (or any of our gear), give us a shout here at the shop!