Martin EM-18 w/OHSC

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Yes, that’s a Martin.

The E Series was Martin's attempt to enter the solid body electric guitar market. They didn't stick around to duke it out with Fender or Gibson, but they still managed to make a sweet axe.

They ran prototypes in ’78 and the guitars entered production in 1979. There were 3 versions of the guitar; the E-18, the EM-18 and the EB-18 (bass!). All were double cutaway guitars, offset, with the horns rounded off. Inspired by the neck-through, active creations of Alembic guitars, the natural lacquered bodies were built to resemble the natural wood guitars of the day, using a laminate of maple and rosewood and mahogany giving not only a striped effect, but the appearance of a neck-through-body guitar, although they are set necks, glued into a pocket in the body.

This EM-18 is a DiMarzio-loaded, offset son of a gun ready to shred. It is versatile as hell, with dual volume and tone controls as well as coil tap and phase toggles that allow you to dial in exactly what you tone you hear in your head. 

This one is really dang clean. Very light playwear but no serious dings or bruises. Included is the original hardshell case, which were modified rifle cases, pretty cool! With less than 1400 of them made, this guitar is an absolute gem to have in your rig and being a Martin, it is certain to continue to increase in value with the vintage guitar market.

Aside from the cool factor, it's got level frets and a spot-on setup, this thing PLAYS. We'll ship it lightning fast upon payment.