Green Matamp GT120MV

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The classic GT120 in a more manageable Master Volume format. Hand wired and updated but with the same organic, fuzz friendly tone Green Amp fans love.

The GT120MV is the master volume version of the original GT120. Taking elements of the original and later versions we have developed an amp that retains the characteristic Green Matamp organic sound while offering some way to control the awesome power these heads offer.

The preamp features a gain pot in place of the drive switch which offers greater control, and the master volume is moved to a position in the circuit just before the driver stage so you can get the amp to overdrive at drummer friendly levels. Don’t worry though, the same great warm clean is available.

The power amp has been updated to feature individual bias adjustment. This makes matched sets a thing of the past and enables the user to replace a single valve while still maintaining optimum performance. The driver and power amp stages have been optimised to achieve reliable performance with a tone reminiscent of the original units while using modern valves.

This unit is MINT and has been carefully taken care of. It lives and will ship in the included Safe Case hardshelll ATA flight case.