Matchless Lightning Reverb Head & 112 Cab Mark Sampson Era

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Lots to say about this sweet beast. This "Sampson Era" bad boy packs a punch and brings that classic EL84 British sound with clarity and mid-range voicing that slices through any mix. 

There are a lot of complex tones to be had out of this classic amp; with the interactive Treble and Bass controls along with a Master volume you can pump out all the headroom you need, or roll the Master back and the Volume up for some gnarly early break up tones. Don't let the 15 watts fool you. This maroon motha is LOUD. And the footswitchable reverb is drippy, just like you want it to be. 

The matching 1x12 cab is built like a tank, super resonant and the perfect size for small or large stages. It's loaded up with a Customized Celestion G12H75 Creamback speaker (30W rating). 

This rig is really next level for any style player. It covers all styles effortlessly and takes pedals like a freaking champion. Matchless has made some of the most kickass boutique gear over the decades and this Lightning Reverb not only sounds particularly sweet, but its in great condition and it looks so sick. Our top shelf amp techs have insured that it is clean and working great. 2 pieces is not cheap shipping wise, but it will packed professionally with all tubes removed and individually wrapped, and shipped with full insurance.