Mesa Boogie California Tweed 2:20 1x12 Combo

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This California Tweed isn't just another Boogie! 

In the twilight of the 1960s, Bay Area amp repairman to the Stars, Randall Smith, was inspired to start building his own amplifiers after coming to a deep appreciation for the 50s Tweed circuits. He loved their organic-sounding voice, powerful controls, and the way they smoothly transitioned from clean to clip and back again. The California Tweed 2:20 is Mesa's love letter to that era. 

The California Tweed 2:20 is powered by 2x6V6 Power Tubes while the preamp features 5x12AX7 and 1x12AT7 preamp tubes pumping through a 12" Jensen speaker. Our patented Incremental Multi-Watt Power Amp, featuring patented Duo-Class and Dyna-Watt technologies, provides three power levels, two operating classes, and three wiring options via a single 3-Way Rotary Switch! Choose from the following power options:

• 20 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode – Fixed Bias
• 10 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode – Fixed Bias
• 1 Watt - 1x6V6 Pentode, Single-Ended Class A – Cathode Bias

Fixed Bias (20 and 10-Watt Modes) and Cathode Bias (1-Watt Mode) both provide consistent, maintenance-free performance.

This modern classic is very very lightly used and ships safely and swiftly with its slip cover and original box! If you have any questions about this super clean amp give us a call here at the shop!