Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 2-Channel 1x12" Guitar Combo

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The Fillmore is not just another Boogie: it's a new strand of Boogie DNA. But the molecules that make up this soulful sounding model are really just a revisiting of the companies earliest roots.

Randall Smith's very first Boogie's were based on this architecture. It was only the success of another MARK I Experiment featuring a different branch of the tree that catapulted that sound and circuit and caused the shelving of circuitry that the Fillmore now resurrects!

Switchable between 50 or 25 watts, it houses a pair of Mesa 6L6's and sports two channels, each with a clean, Drive, and HI setting. The two channels are switchable with the included footswitch.

Add to this onboard Reverb (that sounds killer) and an FX loop and you got a recipe for Tone success! 

All that top shelf tone is pumped through the single Celestion Custom 90 (8 ohm) speaker. *chef's kiss*

This lovely amp is lightly used, super clean, and ready for stage or studio. It ships the next day with the included slip cover!