Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

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Straight outta the late 80s, this Mesa studio pre absolutely does not suck! In this famous compact, rack-ready package you’ll find all the basic tones that made Boogie famous – clean, warm, smooth rhythm sounds; a screaming, vicious Lead voice; and enough control to produce anything in between. The Preamp is simple and straightforward, yet sophisticated. Like all other Boogies, it’s based on a no compromise, all-tube circuit with traditional style tone controls and instant Lead/Rhythm footswitching. It includes a 5 band graphic EQ for tone customizing; a carefully tweaked, deep-sounding 3-spring reverb; a stereo effects loop that can accommodate either low-level or line-level effects; and two pairs of stereo outputs (including Recording Outputs with speaker-simulator circuitry, which will mate perfectly with either a mixing console or the front end input of most guitar that's dope). 

Grab this sweet pre and we'll get it shipped out safely and securely! Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about this unit.